How To Run A Successful eCommerce Campaign

Any eCommerce business that wants to increase presence and generate more traffic must learn how to run a successful promotional campaign. This often-neglected necessity is as important for your business as any other marketing effort – it is a great way to bring traffic to your site, spread your reputation through word of mouth, and increase the overall value of your brand. Many eCommerce service providers claim they can help your business launch successful promotional campaigns, but unless they’re following the guidelines I discuss below, they’re simply blowing smoke.

Always Have A Plan

Reliable eCommerce service providers will tell you that your promotional campaign has several goals:

  1. Increase the number of traffic your online store gets.
  2. Increase the number of sales with regard to existing customers. Or in other words, increase conversion rate (% of visitors that converted into shoppers. Usually average on eCommerce is 2%).
  3. Increase the amount of each sale with regard to existing customers. AKA- ARPU- average revenue per user.

The key is in the planning. Before you get started, decide which of these strategies you will pursue.

If you want to increase the number of customers you have, offer a sign-up bonus or refer a friend incentive. If you want to increase your number of sales, offer discount coupons. If you’re interested in increasing the amount of each sale, nothing beats a 3-for-the-price-of-1 deal, or something comparable.

Don’t Limit Your Campaign To Just An Email

Although an email is the means for getting your message across to many people, most successful eCommerce providers will tell you it’s simply not enough. Create a desirable, unique landing page to suit the promotion. Create fresh content that suits the theme of the promotion and tempts customers into making a purchase. Basically, once the email recipient clicks on your offer, he/she should be able to find the deal promised without any effort.

Don’t Forget To Test

There is nothing shoddier than a botched promotional campaign. At best it completely fails, at worst it fails and creates a lasting negative impression on thousands of people. So, before your set to launch, make sure you test everything.

If you have created a new landing page, make sure it works on all potential browsers.

Make sure your emails get delivered successfully and look just right by having a test list that is made up of several different providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). Check to see if the email makes sense even if the image doesn’t appear.

Make sure your shop is ready to handle the promotion. If your promotion offers a discount, make sure it happens during checkout so the customers do not have to search your site frantically wondering what to do.

Before you launch you next campaign, make sure any eCommerce service providers you may use know exactly how to handle your business. If they neglect the vital information I’ve provided above, chances are your campaign will be a bust. Remember: a promotional campaign is a great way to set and reach goals. Don’t take shortcuts.

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